Wall Street starts positively a week that will be volatile

Bullish close on Wall Street on Tuesday’s session with the Dow Jones +0.55%, S & P 500 +0.72% and +1.25% Nasdaq. Investors purchased a second straight day, which allowed the NYSE to recover almost all losses last week. Apparently, the market seemed reassuring him the speech that Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, made in parliament, while preparing the annexation of Crimea. It has become clear that the Russian Read More →


The next rate hike in 2015

The president of the United States Federal Reserve (FED), Janet Yellen, has suggested that the first rise in interest rates, which remain in a minimum target of between 0% and 0.25% range, could take place mid 2015. In the press conference after his first Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) as president of the institution press, Yellen acknowledged that it is difficult to specify how long Read More →


Wall Street closes worst week since the end of January

Wall Street ends with moderate losses in the Dow Jones -0.27%, S & P 500 -0.28% and -0.35% Nasdaq and complete its worst week since late January, with mean decreases from 2 % for the New York Stock Exchange in the past five sessions. China and Ukraine still occupy the headlines. Andreas Lipkow strategist Kliegel & Hafner, believes that “the market is nervous about China and Read More →


The increase in the exchange rate, inflation expectations feed

The exchange rate policy in the past two decades has focused on adjusting the nominal to compensate for the difference between the inflation rate of the country and its major trading partners change. This is consistent with a constant real exchange rate or with little variation, based on the theory of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The real exchange rate (RER) is also defined as the relative Read More →


Wall Street deducted message Janet Yellen

Wall Street ends with moderate losses in Friday’s session with the Dow Jones -0.17%, S & P 500 -0.29% and -0.98% Nasdaq, the most important in the case of the technology sector , remember that the Nasdaq usually acts as a leading indicator of market and technical movement that has done this week is a warning signal for the short term. The NYSE has traded much Read More →

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